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About Us

Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) is a non profitable, non political and non religious organization. CSWA Karachi established by Karachi University graduates in 2008 with the aims to support and encourage Karachi based Chitrali students in the field of education without any discrimination.

Vision of CSWA Karachi

The vision of CSWA Karachi is to facilitate Chitrali students to develop themselves academically, socially and morally without any regional, political and religious discrimination.

Background of Chitral Students Welfare Association Karachi

Every year a large number Chitrali youth were coming to Karachi with a dream of getting quality education to support their families, community and nation. However, due to unfamiliarity with the environment of Karachi, different educational institutions and other educational opportunities most of the students seemed to be disturbed academically, socially and morally.

Though, large number of Chitrali students and people were living in different parts of Karachi but there was no platform or association in this city to encourage students. Due to Lack of student’s welfare association they did not support each other academically, socially, morally and financially. They did not share their concern with each others in order to resolve or to find some alternatives. In addition, due to isolation and lack of proper platform the students faced difficulties for career guidance, taking admission, paying the educational expenditure. As a result, in most cases either the students did not accomplish their educational goals completely or withdraw themselves from university.

The students of Karachi University felt that when a student fails to complete his/her education successfully then it’s a big loss not only of the individual and his/her family but also of Chitral. They realized that to develop Chitral, the development of Chitrali youth is essential and this become possible when academical, social, moral and financial facilitation of Chitrali students become possible. To crop this issue some brilliant students of Karachi University realized the need of an association to handle the issues of students. After long struggle and with the supports of Karachi based students, religious and political leaders, educationist and activities the established CSWA Karachi.

History of Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi

Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) is a non political, non communal and non profit making body of chitrali students in Karachi. It aims to facilitate students in their academic endeavors by holding career counseling sessions and raising funds to deserving students.

Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) came into being in late 2008 by a group of students studying in university of Karachi. This group had been working for a platform from early 2009 considering the problems faced by them. CSWA began to register graduate and undergraduate students, studying in various prolific institutions of Karachi.

They arranged weekly meetings and start solving problems. Much work was being done including resolving the admission problems through official sources. Members decided to organize a mega event and invite every Chitrali to introduce Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) to them. Cultural show was the best option because people from every walk of life should be gathered this way. Thus on 22nd January 2011 Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi( CSWA) hold its maiden venture in the form of a chitrali cultural musical night in which (CSWA) was introduced to the Chitrali community. Office bearers took oath in this mega event and Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) was formally launched.

The first office bearers are as follows:

President Ali Zia Hyder
General Secretary Muhammad Sharif Khan
Vice President Noor Alam Khan
Finance Secretary Ahmed Muhammad Ali
Information and Media Incharge Syed Fida Ali Shah Fidai
Convener for universities Imran Khan
Convener for colleges Kamran Adil
Career Secretary Rizwan Ali
Cultural Secretary Javed Amir
Events Coordinator Haroon Saleem
Sports Secretary Muhammad Ullah Khan


Joint secretaries:

Joint Secretary Saqib Wali Khan
Finance Secretary Ismail Khan
Information Secretary Ahtiram Sirang
Career councilor Fardar Ali Shah
Convener (Universities) Irfan Ali Taj
Sports Secretary Altaf Hussain
Cultural Secretary Riaz Ali Shah Pirzada
Convener (Colleges) Muhammad Din
Event Secretary Innam uddin Khan

Before of Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) came into being there were some students in university of Karachi who had been working for an association for chitrali students. They worked hard for three consecutive years from 2005 to 2008 under the name Chitral Students Association (CSA) but unfortunately they cannot give it a proper shape due to unavailability of manpower and other different problems. The members of Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) never neglect their efforts and appreciate their work. Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) began to work by using their idea of making a platform for chitrali students. This time the conditions were in favor of the students and thus it was given a proper shape. The cabinet of Chitral Students’ Welfare Association Karachi (CSWA) decided to give them membership as alumni in regard of their efforts and look forward for their guidance and support. The names include:

  1. Aziz Ur Rehman Ayubi
  2. Gul Fayyaz Khan
  3. Saeed Anwar
  4. Ashiq Amir
  5. Noor Ajam
  6. Asghar Ali
  7. Fazl-e-Raqeeb
  8. Shams-ur-Rehman
  9. Muhammad Fazl


Every young student belonging to Chitral is given awareness and through awareness all kinds of opportunities for learning and opportunities for being prepared for all kinds of challenges. Ultimately a positive, effective and efficient social change is made possible by active participation of the qualified youth so that they can play their role for the development of Chitral.


Cswa aspires to significantly change and develop the behavior of chitrali youth living in Karachi, by creating opportunities, through a meticulous and continued program of awareness, motivation and inspiration.

Objectives of CSWA Karachi

The objectives of CSWA Karachi are;

  • To arrange career counseling program to deliver information to Chitrali students about educational programs and opportunities in different educational institutions
  • Facilitate Chitrali students in submission of admission forms and updating about the admission progress
  • Facilitate students in finding appropriate learning environment accommodation
  • Arranging well come and farewell parties to encourage junior and senior students
  • Providing learning resources to the needy students
  • Supporting needy students financially to fulfill the basic educational needs
  • Organizing educational seminar monthly to enhance students learning
  • Organizing cultural event to entertain the Chitrali youth

CSWA Karachi Programs

CSWA Karachi is working on different programs to facilitate Chitrali youth in Karachi to flourish their hidden capability.

Career counseling

CSWA Karachi is arranging workshop on career counseling to familiarize the students about different field of study. For this purpose, CSWA invite professionals every year to assist the students to identify their future direction of the study. The students also are oriented about the educational programs offer by different national and international Universities. In addition, the workshop about career counseling also familiarizes students about entrance test pattern and different coaching centers that prepare students for the entrance test. Moreover, financial expenditures of every educational program and financial assistance or education loan offer by different institution also being discussed in the workshop.

Hostel for Chitrali Students

As the hostels of different universities in Karachi are closed since long time due to security issue so accommodation is big concern for the Karachi based students. Although, most of the students are living with their relatives and working people in small houses and quarter but the environment of their accommodation are not suitable in considerable extent for their learning. They face a lot of obstacle in reaching their own universities due to far distance between universities and accommodations, security threat in the city, traffic jam, paying bus fare etc. CSWA Karachi is struggling to establish a hostel for Chitrali students near Karachi University. CSWA Karachi raises this issue in national and provincial assembly with the supports of political leaders and media. We hope that very soon a well structure hostel will be established in Karachi for Chitrali students. On temporary base CSWA established a private hostel to resolve the student accommodation problem and also assist Chitrali students in accommodating other private hostels.

Providing Learning Resources

CSWA KHI believes that appropriate learning resources are essential to complete study. It’s very difficult for some to arrange the basic learning resources (Books, prepared notes, computer, printer etc.). To support the needy students CSWA have very limited library and issue books and other learning resources to students on return. In addition, CSWA collects learning resources from senior students and give to the junior students. After fulfilling their needs the junior students return to CSWA.

CSWA Organize different Programs and Events

To enhance students learning CSWA Karachi arrange different educational programs. CSWA Karachi organizes session about different topics by inviting educationists, activists, journalists and politicians. In addition, to encourage students in perplexing and tough university life CSWA organizes event (Well-come and farewell party, award ceremony, study tour and picnic and cultural musical show) to encourage and entertain students.

Admission Information and Technical Assistance

It’s very difficult for most of the students who are in Chitral to get admission at Karachi in their interested educational program. When admission in any university at Karachi is announced then CSWA members communicates with the candidates who are interested for admission. The association members provide comprehensive information to the candidates about educational programs and help them in submission of admission forms and other requirements for admission. The members remain in communication with candidates about admissions progress. When the admission of the candidate is confirmed then the individual will be informed about the commencement of the classes. This approach of CSWA KHI on one hand saves the money of candidate and on the other hand provides rich information and support to the candidate at their door-step.

Financial Assistance to Chitrali Students

Within limited financial resource CSWA KHI also provide loan to very needy and talented students to fulfill their very basic educational needs. CSWA Karachi also provides information to Chitrali students about students loan and scholarship offer by different banks and organization. In addition, CSWA have access to different national and international donors that offer scholarship to successful the education of low socio-economic status students.